Welcome to the Numerical Recipes Code disk. Be sure to read this license and legal information before using any of the materials on this disk. Your use of this disk constitutes your agreement with the terms listed there.

Code files (".h files") are all in C++ and can be accessed directly in the directory named "code" at the top level of this disk. Alternatively, the following links will let you browse code files by name (and brief description), by routine identifier, or by section number in the book.

Code from the First and Second Editions of Numerical Recipes is no longer supported, but is included here for the convenience of users with legacy code bases. Note that the code is not compatible between editions.

As in previous editions of the Numerical Recipes Code disk, we include a number of code libraries of historical interest. Several of these are still under copyright and may not be posted on the Web, but we have obtained permission from the respective copyright owners to include them here. Material in the public domain is so marked.