Numerical Recipes 1st ed. Modula-2 Files

The files collected here are authorized translations, by Klara Vancso of PolyWare, of the First Edition version of Numerical Recipes in Pascal, and are included on this CDROM by permission. Please note that there is no Second Edition version of Numerical Recipes in Pascal. These Modula-2 files are not a supported product of Numerical Recipes Software.

Access via Directories:

Here is direct access to the directories containing the Modula-2 files. Caution: These directories contain many files each.
  • Directory of library modules (used by the Recipes)
  • Directory of modules containing the Recipes.
  • Directory of demonstration procedures.
  • Directory of data files used by the demonstrations.
  • Finally, here is an informational file.

  • Original diskette Disclaimer of Warranty.