Numerical Recipes 1st ed. Pascal Files

Please note that there is no Second Edition version of Numerical Recipes in Pascal. The files collected here are from the First Edition version. They are included on this CDROM for completeness, but we do not consider them to be a currently supported product.

Access via Directories:

Here is direct access to the directories containing the Recipes and the Example routines. Caution: These directories contain many files each.
  • Directory of all the Recipes files
  • Directory of all the Examples files.
  • Here is direct access to the directories containing miscellaneous files:

  • Directory of data files used by Example routines.
  • Finally, here are informational files containing

  • Original diskette README file (much of this is not applicable to this CDROM release).
  • Original diskette NOTICE.TXT file
  • The file MODFILE.PAS (used by many Example routines)