The Hororan Random Numbers Project

Included on this CDROM are 20 files each containing 1677216 (that's 2^24) random bytes, physically generated and algorithmically "perfected". That's more than 2.6 Gigabits of unique randomness!

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The 20 files of random values, and the files getran.c, testran.c, and getran.txt are placed, herewith, into the public domain, without any warranty whatsoever. They may be freely copied or redistributed. Sorry, we can't provide any support on getran.c or testran.c, other than supplying the above files, as-is.

Please note that there is no relation between the random files supplied here and those published on the "Marsaglia Random Number CDROM". Professor Marsaglia has kindly given permission for us to include his tests for randomness (which the files here all pass, incidentally) elsewhere on this CDROM.